Post Irma: We know that many hardworking linemen are working quickly to restore power to many that have lost power in this hurricane.

We are hoping that if you have lost power, it is restored quickly and you can return to your daily life. There may be some that have sustained damage from the hurricane. If you have and are looking for contractors/tradespeople to repair your home or business, please be careful. Unfortunately in the times we live in, there are unscrupulous people wanting to make a quick buck who take advantage of those in a desperate situation.

When selecting a contractor, look for these three things:
1. Make sure the contractor has either a state license or occupational license (determined by the state).
2. Make sure they have general liability insurance.
3. Make sure they have Workers Compensation
If you are making a claim on your property insurance, the above will most likely be required by your insurance company. If you live in Florida, check out the state website: “You need to be registered or licensed to do construction work in Florida.”
If you believe you have been a victim of price gouging, visit this website:

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